Facilities & Services

Keeping an eye on future vision and striving to accomplish our mission, Al Eshoush Real Estate Investment, is turning every stone with full commitment to provide the residence of Al Eshoush Village with best Facilities according to health, well-being and social standards.

The comfort, health and security of residents is our foremost priority, which keeps us focused and motivated at all times.

We provide the following for our residents :

Rooms and bed space allocation

We provide each person with his own bed space. The rooms shall be furnished and managed.

Village operations and management services

It is our responsibility to provide distinct administration services for the city and facilities in a safe and effective manner as per the standards and procedures in force, including the maintenance activities.


A full range of building maintenance and repair services for the whole facilities. That will be achieving through well experienced staff with all practical experience, tools and equipment for such work.

General Cleaning and Pest Control

Highest level of cleanliness and sanitation will have provided to maintain a clean environment, tidy and hygienic for our residents, visitors and workers of the facility environments. Routine daily cleaning for all the facility common areas and will ensure that these facilities are clean and sanitized at the end of each day. It is our responsibility to control and eliminate health hazards arising from insects and rodent’s pests and to apply an effective pest control management.

Laundry services

Effective laundry and linen service with the focus on quality, punctuality and continuous feedback to customers and staff.

Health Care

Our well-equipped clinics all across the facility provide basic health services to all workers residing in Al Eshoush Village. Qualified and experienced doctors and paramedical staff take care of the residents very well. Regular health checkups are also parts of our health care regime.

Food & Hygiene

Very well monitored food and hygiene services are provided in order to maintain health and wellbeing of the residents. There is no compromise over these aspects.

Recreation services

Each room will be provided with TV and receiver as well as outdoors recreation facilities. Regular review with tenants on requests for activities and will adapt program to suit tenant’s needs if feasible and a monthly celebration with musical band will be. Gym area with familiar and traditional games, body building equipment’s.

CCTV cameras & Patrolling

Surveillance cameras are set up at most places in order to keep law & order. These cameras ensure security of residents as well as their valuables. Also, security patrolling on regular intervals is being held in order to up keep best law and order situation.

Super Market

For residents’ facility, good Super Markets are available at walking distance to residential blocks in our villages. These Super Markets have day to day usage products as well as leisurely items for the residents to be refreshed.

Wi-fi Services

Full Wi-Fi coverage is Indoor/Outdoor across all blocks with nominal service charges.


Facilitating residence in fulfilling their religious duties, beautiful mosque has been constructed and managed by Al Eshoush Village.

Help Desk (24 hours)

Help desks provide 24 hours services for residents, for their complaints and queries at any time of the day, any day of the week. The staff there is very empathetic and facilitating.

Commercial area

Commercial areas are within in reach of every block so that people can shop and avail different facilities like Restaurant, Cafeteria, Super Market, Mobile Shop, Net Café, Laundry and Salon.

Residential blocks

Our Villages containing blocks designed to meet our customers’ expectations, comfortable rooms and services.

Dining hall

Different dining halls for different nationalities are made to cater to their needs in best ways.

One central kitchen

One central kitchen ensures good quality of food as well making catering to different tastes of various nationalities easy. The supply of raw food material and making process is strictly monitored by supervisors and good cooks are hired to make best food for residents.

Safety & security

Our village strives to maintain a safe living, and working environment. Prevention of injuries and losses is vital and basic target for health and safety services.

Records keeping, health and safety induction, risk assessment, fire drills, first aid training, firefighting training are some of the services covered by our experienced well trained HSE staff. A 24/7 Security services, – Prevention and Protection – Security Service will deliver the following:

Maintaining a secure environment within the village and responding to any security incidents or accidents. The Security Services applies to all areas of the village, this achieved through trained and specialized security company G4S.